What do Uber,Amazon,Mattel and Yankee Candle Company all have in common?

Besides the fact you’ve probably purchased something from all of them, they all started in garages with just an idea. Those ideas have helped to build our nation’s economy.eap-blog-CTA

While these four companies have been successful, there are thousands of ideas that never make it out of the garage. There are a number of reasons why they fail, but often it’s because they can’t find investors.

The Louisiana Startup Prize is the perfect tool to bring entrepreneurs to Shreveport-Bossier and north Louisiana. It attracts men and women with ideas and dreams from all over the country. The entrepreneurial competition enlists business experts, mentors and gurus to educate entrepreneurs and help them transform their ideas that will attract investors. And all of this happens in our own backyard.

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Article originally published by The Shreveport Times
Photo by Douglas Collier/The Times


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