“Moderation is everything”—when you’re running a startup, it’s not exactly the most realistic mantra to use. You’ve got to make sacrifices in money, time, and relationships, some of which come at the price of “do or die” for your business.

Though you may not be able to achieve moderation, you can accomplish balance. And in an entrepreneur’s world, that doesn’t necessarily mean every aspect of your business and life get equal dedication from you.

It simply means you’re human, and for every extreme you push, you need a counteractive, back-to-earth action to create harmony.

Predicting the Future

Cost is one of the most important factors to keep in check. Trevor Blackwell, founder and partner of Y Combinator, invented a growth calculator that examines a startup’s weekly, monthly or yearly expenses to predict how long it will take the startup to make a profit and how much money it will take to get there.eap-blog-CTA

The calculator is designed to prevent what Cofounder Paul Graham dubs the fatal pinch, a period a startup reaches when money for expenses becomes scarce and profitability can’t be reached in time to recover. Many have to push to make more revenue or, unfortunately, cut the amount of employees to lower expenses.

Working through the Weekend

You may work your employees overtime, but changing the pace every so often with elements like working part of the day at an offsite event offers a sense of rejuvenation that could boost productivity that much more.

As a founder of startup, it’s easy to want to keep working through the night to benefit your business. However, actually working this long for days on end makes for bad health that could actually set you back farther when you have to take time off to recover.

You may not have time for an intense two-hour workout every day, but you may have a section of minutes to get in a cat nap, an interval running session or a health supplement break.

Having Mutual Understanding

You naturally may not have as much time to give to your relationships. However, if it gets to the point where your job is detrimental to your strongest connections, it’s a problem.

Because, like money and wellness, you have to fit in attention to those you care about. Fairness must also play a role in which your friends and family understand you’ll be short in availability for a certain period of time.

Balance, Not Moderation

When you’re fighting to build and grow a startup, your equilibrium of life isn’t of the norm. Yet you don’t have to blot out relationships, starve or ignore your well-being to make it big. Cost is not the only thing that’s good to balance in a startup. The more you implement balance in all aspects of your business, the more productivity you can achieve in the future.

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