It’s that time of the year. Christmas music surrounds you, people risk life and limb for a “Clark Griswold” roof and you are probably going into anxiety mode at the long list of presents left to buy. If you’re a startup, or you’re looking for a gift for your friend whose uncle has a cousin with a startup, then why not support other startups with the gift that keeps on giving –technology!


Have you ever sat around and thought, “Gee golly, I wish I had a book that was actually a source of light”? No? Well, here’s a gift that you didn’t know you needed until this very second. The Lumio Book Lamp provides a simple yet functional need and puts a portable light source at your fingertips. Lumio was funded through Kickstarter and received an offer from Robert Herjavec on Shark Tank.



EAP LA Gifts for Startups

The more digitally distracted we are, the more unsafe driving becomes. Every year, phone companies and various non-profits are constantly reminding us of the dangers of distracted driving. Navdy is helping to solve that by flashing text messages, phone calls, navigation, etc. to your windshield area. The Navdy also responds to voice commands and hand motions. A motion sensor lets you swipe to answer a call without having to look down. Keep in mind that this product is so popular, the gift would be reserving the next batch of Navdys, which is due in the second quarter of 2016.

EAP LA Gifts for Startups Style Cordz

Want to up your charging game? When you think about it, your iPhone is a $400 device that needs a charging cable as sleek and cool as the phone itself. The Chic Charger includes more fashionable options like braided leather and rose gold. While you’re on the site, check out their wooden iPad cases.

EAP Gifts for startups Magnetic Notes

Magnetic Notes might look like a regular post-it note, but this is all science. They contain no adhesive and attach via static cling. You know that annoying thing that happens when you can’t get the dryer sheet off the blanket post dry? Magnetic Notes has used a similar technology to solve the post-it crises of notes falling off walls.


EAP Gifts for Startups Altchair

And if you are really feeling in the giving mood, check out the Altwork Chair. This workspace is equipped with a full desk and monitor mount, with the luxury of choosing if you stand or recline…that’s right, recline. The movable desk floats the monitor, and the mouse pad stays put via magnets.

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