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Mainspree was founded in 2014 with the mission to make selling online as simple as posting a photo.

As the world moves to smartphones and tablets, Mainspree is developing the tools small businesses need to efficiently and effectively sell in the online world. Whether you own a vintage clothing store, provide a popular service for the community or you’re an artist looking to profit from your latest masterpiece, Mainspree provides you with the fastest, most hands-off way to sell to your dedicated, online following.

We’re evolving the antiquated online selling experience of today by building a “smart” ecommerce platform that helps to connect the right item with the right consumer. We understand the psychology behind buying decisions and know that it takes more than just adding another item to an online store to make a sale. The goal is to make the experiences effortless and seamless for the store owner as well as his or her customers.

As Mainspree evolves, our vision to change the experience of local commerce will come to fruition. Imagine this: searching your local community for your next “date night” outfit, piano lesson or tapas dinner right from your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch.




The Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program (EAP)  helps create wealth for entrepreneurs by analyzing viable ideas and products, matching them with informed investors, and nurturing them toward rewarding markets.










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